For those candidate who desire a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from a four-year institution.  You can complete your first two years at Austin Community College by majoring in Business Administration.
Business Administration is designed to prepare the student for transfer to a four-year university baccalaureate program. In addition to business courses, the curriculum includes math, science, social sciences, and humanities. All the courses in this degree plan must be taken and passed in order to earn the Associate of Science in Business Administration. The order, given below, in which these courses should be taken, is just a suggestion. Students may take the courses in any order they want to except for those courses that require a course prerequisite (+). The Business Administration degree is a transfer degree based on the 42-hour Core Curriculum and Business Field of Study Curriculum, and represents the first two years of a four-year degree and will vary from university to university. Students transferring should always consult with an advisor or articulation officer from their receiving institution.
Business Administration – Associate of Science Degree Plan