IMPORTANT: MS OFFICE apps work only on Windows OS laptops or desktop computers. They do not work on MAC iOS, iPad, Chromebook, or cell phone. 

FLEX-ENTRY courses refer to courses that are designed to be completed in an independent manner. 

The successful flex-entry student should answer yes to all or most of the following questions: 

  • Do you prefer to set a flexible schedule (as opposed to coming at the same time every week for a semester)?
  • Do you manage your time well?
  • Are you self-disciplined with regard to completing assignments?
  • Do you prefer to learn at your own pace (as opposed to following a class pace)?
  • Do you prefer to learn on your own (as opposed to working with a teacher or a group of people)?
  • Do you have reasonably strong reading skills—can you read college-level textbooks and understand them?


Each course taught in the flex-entry lab has a specific student guide for that course. The information contained there is of utmost importance for the successful completion of the course. You MUST carefully read and follow all guidelines and instructions. Your instructor’s e-mail address and phone number(s) are also included.


Students with access to the software application required for the course may complete most assignments away from campus. Students may download MS Office 365 through ACC at no cost using their ACC student email.

Students who do not have access to the required software application or computer hardware for the course may complete course assignments at the Business Office Technology Flex-Lab at Eastview campus, Room 8321, or any ACC ACCelerator Lab or Learning Lab with the required software. This link lists ACC Computer Access for students area-wide: Student Computer Access. Remember to check with the facility before you go to confirm they have Windows 10 OS and Microsoft Office 2019 installed on the computers.

Lab tech assistants are available to help with assignments only at Eastview 8321. Performance exams on computer must be completed at the Eastview Campus, Room 8321, by appointment only.


All homework assignments must be submitted online through Blackboard on or before the due date stated on the Assignment Schedule which is included in your course materials. Course materials are available through Blackboard after all prerequisites have been met during orientation.


Each flex-entry course will include a minimum schedule of completion of assignments and exams. You are encouraged to complete these assignments and exams ahead of schedule. When all assignments and exams have been completed, the course is finished, regardless of the individual course schedule.

You MUST have completed at least half of the tests and assignments for flex courses by mid-session or be withdrawn from the course. See Assignment and Test Schedule in your online course materials for the course.


There is no required attendance for lecture or instruction for flex-entry courses. However, Performance Exams and Final Timed Writings for Keyboarding courses must be taken in person at the Eastview campus, Room 8321.


During hours of operation, an instructor, lab tech, or tutoring specialist will be available for assistance. In order to receive assistance in an efficient manner, please be specific with your questions. Be sure that you have carefully read all instructions and attempted the assignment three times before asking for assistance.

The EVC 8321 computer lab is available only for flex-entry students. Please observe common lab courtesy in a quiet learning environment.  Children, food, and/or drinks are not permitted.