Amy Hopkins was the first Fashion Design Adjunct hired in 2019 and was instrumental in helping develop the curriculum and foundation of the new Fashion Design program at ACC.

Amy brought over 25 year of fashion industry experience to her classroom and willingly shared all the inside secrets to success in the difficult world of Fashion Design.

Amy was hired in Fall 2021 as the first Instructional Associate for the department and continued to help refine and define the needs of the growing department.

Amy Hopkins was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2022. Through her treatments during the 2022 school year she continued to teach and mentor our students. She was an inspiration and a champion as an equity minded instructor and never let her illness impact her classes. Even during her illness, she was instrumental in helping the department secure a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion grant as well as helped with the department’s first Articulation agreement with Texas Tech. The list is long of the support she gave to the department while fighting this horrible illness.

In honor of this remarkable Adjunct, the family of Amy Hopkins and the Fashion Design department have established a memorial scholarship set up for all students pursuing their interest in Fashion Design.